Die Cut Paperboard Air Filter Frames

Paper Point is a premier supplier of CNK paperboard air filter frames manufactured on site using a die-cutting processes. Air filter frames are the semi-rigid paperboard structure or frame that is used to hold the air filtration material in place, and the assembled air filter is installed in your HVAC system. We offer fast shipping all over the continental U.S., Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.


Paperboard Air Filter Frames


Two-Piece Paperboard Frame

Why You Should Use Paperboard Filter Frames?

Custom Paperboard

How Are Custom Paperboard Filters Made?

Paperboard filter frames are made using a die-cutter machine. A mold is cast out of metal that has sharp edges to cut the material used in the machine, creating a perfect, accurate frame every time.

At Paper Point, we can provide customizable paper/cardboard air filter frames to fit in any HVAC system. We are the best filter frame supplier your company will ever work with. We also sell laminated media (which goes in the frames) separately.

What is Die Cutting?

A die-cutting machine cuts shapes into different materials by using a system of die cutters. The die cutter places weights on a die and then pushes it down onto the material, perfectly cutting it.

Our machines cut filter frames with perfect precision. At Paper Point, we provide precision die-cutting and paper converting services to a broad range of industries and companies with a wide selection of equipment, meeting every die-cutting need. Learn more about the die-cutting process here.