Frame Machine

Air Filters Frames act like a screen that fits into a compartment of the HVAC system to purify any malicious air particles that keep recirculating throughout a home. They act as a first line of defense with the goal of making your home a safe and clean environment with fresh air that won’t affect your health.

They work by allowing air to pass through them. The filter material then traps potentially harmful matter like dust, allergens, dirt, etc. Eventually, as these particles keep adding up throughout your home and these filters trapping them, they become “clogged” and the air flow is noticeably reduced. This is a sign that the air filter must be replaced.

However, many people argue that an Air Filter (or changing it on a regular basis) is not really necessary. But then how can they justify the number of respiratory issues regular people with seemingly strong health systems develop? How can they ignore hundreds of testimonies of Asthma patients who have found relief through clean, fresh air at home that was obtained thanks to Air Filters? A 2011 study showed that Air Filters are probably the most cost-efficient option for treatment of respiratory issues.

Even if not for health reasons, Air Filters help keep HVAC systems properly running while avoiding damage to its components. Harmful particles like dust and dirt tend to build up in sensitive areas of the machinery like the duct system and the air handler.

We offer Paperboard Air Filter Frames that will improve your lifestyle and general health. Thanks to Die Cut processes, we are able to design any frame you wish with the dimensions your home needs. Contact us today with the specifications you desire and quickly get a quote from us. Make the first step toward improving your life while at home.