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Cardboard Air Filter Frames

At Paper Point Corp, we can produce any size of die-cut filter frames, also known as cardboard air filter frames, whether they are standard or complex die cuts. Our team is dedicated to offering your manufacturing company the best die-cut filter frames by providing quality, consistency, and rapid turnaround. We can handle the most challenging jobs using advanced machines, having both the ability and capacity to create more intricate die-cuts to help your company.

Our passion and commitment to the field mean that we have all the necessary equipment and the qualified, experienced staff dedicated to handling any production needs you may have. Count on Paper Point to deliver the most accurate die cuts and frames you need. We also work fast, with most orders going out the same week.

What Are Paperboard Air Filter Frames? 

Paperboard air filter frames are cut to fit any air filtration system, and their purpose is to hold HVAC filters in place. They consist of a weave that traps and absorbs the particles caught in the incoming airflow. 

At times, the HVAC system needs to be modified to fit a home’s structure perfectly. It is essential to know that if an HVAC system gets dirty, it will need to work twice as hard as it normally should. Moreover, if the HVAC system runs with a dirty filter for a long time, the system might break down entirely at some point. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for repairs or a new system, it is recommended to change the air filters every few months.

Why Should You Use Paperboard Filter Frames?

Our air filter holding frames are perfectly built-up bank systems for installation in HVAC and cleanroom applications in commercial, industrial, manufacturing, and medical facilities. Cardboard air filter frames are known for their stable design, tight construction, and optimized filter clamping device. This will ensure safe usage, filter installation, and easy replacement. Furthermore, they are used to hold HVAC filters individually or construct filter bank arrangements.

We are the number one source for all HVAC filter frames in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. If you want to see our die-cut frames, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our one-stop-shop at 3675 NW 67th Street in Miami.

How Are Custom Paperboard Filters Made?

Paperboard filters can be made using a die-cutter machine. A mold is cast out of metal that has sharp edges to cut the material used in the machine. Die casting is used on a large variety of materials, creating a perfect, accurate frame every time. 

At Paper Point, we can provide customizable paper/cardboard air filter frames to fit in any HVAC system. We are the best filter frame supplier your company will ever work with. We also sell laminated media (which goes in the frames) separately.

What is Die Cutting?

A die-cutting machine cuts shapes into different materials by using a system of die cutters. The die cutter places weights on a die and then pushes it down onto the material, perfectly cutting it. 

Our machines cut filter frames with perfect precision. At Paper Point, we provide precision die-cutting and paper converting services to a broad range of industries and companies with a wide selection of equipment, meeting every die-cutting need.

Additionally, we offer printing and packaging services, as well as paperboard products manufacturing, while our stocking program ensures that we will always be prepared for whatever your company may need. Make sure that your business looks great with high-quality print and packaging items that you can be proud of.

Give our team of experts a call at 786-384-5568 or pay us a visit at 3675 NW 67th Street in Miami!