Cutting tool used to die-cut items at Paper Point's Miami facility
Close-up of the inside of a die-cutting tool at Paper Point's Miami facility

Our custom die-cutting services mean that we offer companies what they want, when they want it. We provide precision die-cutting services to a broad range of industries and serve manufacturing companies with a broad selection of equipment that can meet every die-cutting need.

The Custom Die-Cutting Process

Die-cutting is a manufacturing process where large quantities of identical shapes are stamped from different kinds of material. The process of die-cutting takes place on specialized machinery using a custom-made die which consists of sharp blades that are formed into the desired shape and then mounted onto a plate. 

The material that has to be cut is then placed on a supporting substrate while the die is being pressed onto the material. By doing so, the desired shape will be cut out. The most common material used in die-cutting is paper.

The die-cutting process provides a wide range of cutting operation capabilities, including through cut, kiss cut, perforating, scoring, or crease cutting, which are the most efficient methods.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent die-cutting services in Miami, Florida. We also ship anywhere in the continental U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Paper Point has the ideal solution for your manufacturing company. Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about our die-cutting methods.

Types of Die-Cutting Services

At Paper Point, we are proud to offer precision die-cutting services, providing the design and manufacturing of die-cut items for companies across a wide range of industries. Our die-cutting services allow us to provide consistent and uniform shapes quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, our die-cutting equipment is constructed to use the maximum amount of the paper’s surface for high production levels with low paper waste. The fast lead time and the strong commitment to quality have made us an industry leader in high-speed die-cutting services in Miami, Florida, and all other North America locations.

Other types of die-cutting services include rotary die-cutting, flatbed die-cutting (also referred to as steel rule die-cutting), and digital die-cutting. However, each process differs because of manufacturing applications, material capabilities, tolerances, costs, and production output. At Paper Point, we offer a variety of die-cutting services, including:

Rotary Die Cutting

Rotary die-cutting services are ideal for applications requiring high precision, high accuracy designs, and high volume production runs. This process uses cylindrical dies affixed to a rotary press to cut flexible material. 

Steel Rule Die Cutting

Steel rule die-cutting requires a flatbed die-cutting press and custom steel rule dies, as it will convert the material into customized shapes and designs. Flatbed die-cutting is ideal for producing more significant parts, processing thicker material, or short production runs.

Digital Cutting

Lastly, digital cutting uses blades or other precision tools to produce scores, cuts, and creases. Suitable for low-shear materials, digital cutting is low cost, has fast lead times, and most importantly, converts material without the use of dies.

How to Determine Die Cut Tolerances?

The following factors determine tolerances:

  • Part design and size
  • Tool type (including the rule height, die board, or the steel rule needed)
  • The material being cut
  • The skills of the die maker
  • Production technique
  • Application environment

At Paper Point Corp, we use the best tools available to deliver the quality you need. Make sure that your business materials look great with high-quality print and packaging items that you can be proud of. Give our team of experts a call at 786-384-5568, request an online quote, or pay us a visit at 3675 NW 67th Street in Miami, FL.

Our Machines:

  1. Moore & White Slitter 
  2. 61” Polar Guillotine
  3. Young Shin (max sheet size of 40.94″ x 29.13″ and a minimum sheet size of 17.32″ x 13.38″‘)

What We Promise

We work hard to understand our customers’ needs and provide them with premium services to fit their specifications. Moreover, we can optimize our large number of die-cutting techniques to suit your production volume, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings.

We also meet the most stringent customer expectations, getting your manufacturing company to the place it belongs: on the highest market level.

Our strategic process and advanced machines are consistent and precise every time. Paper Point’s mission is to provide consistently high-quality service to every small or large order placed regardless of location, workload, or time. We will always work to provide the sharpest die-cutting and paper converting services in Miami and throughout North America, guaranteed.

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