Pie boxes or cake boxes are the best options for transporting baked goods. These paper boxes are easy to assemble, can be used for all sorts of baked goods, are available in various colors and sizes, and keep their contents safe from damage.

Types of Pie Boxes

There are several types of pie boxes available, so let us present to you some of them and what they are used for!

Traditional Plain Box

These regular boxes have been used for quite some time in the bakery industry and are very easy to customize. The price is also very appealing, and they hold up well.

Pie Box with Window

The main feature of these boxes is that they give you a sneak peek at the delicious treats held inside of them. Commonly these boxes are cut with the help of a machine, and the plastic sheet (the window) is pasted manually.

Pie Box with Handle

This type of pie box is a convenient choice as it allows the customers to carry the baked goods around easily. The handle must hold the products’ weight, so these boxes are pretty sturdy, and you won’t have to worry about dropping your items.

Corrugated Box

Corrugated boxes are the best choice for heavy cakes, and they are also suitable for storing bakery products in the fridge. 

What are Paper Pie Boxes Made Of? 

When shopping for pie boxes, the materials they are made of is an important factor. Manufacturers use various types of paper and knowing the pros and cons of each type is essential before you decide to pack your orders.

The most common types of paper for pie boxes are:

  • Virgin paper board: This type of paper is one of the best choices for pie boxes due to its strength.
  • Duplex paper board: Compared to the first type, the duplex paper board is not food grade. It means the boxes made of this type of paper will need to be laminated from the inside. However, these boxes look great, and the design prints look very good.
  • Kraft paper: Kraft paper is slightly expensive. However, the boxes made from it have an elegant finish. Strength is also one of its best features.
  • Recycled paper: This is a common choice among manufacturers. Recycled paper is not very strong and is not always food grade. However, the price and environmental-friendliness are very appealing. 

What is a White Cardboard Cake Box? 

White cardboard is one of the most used materials for dessert boxes. Every time you visit a pastry shop, pies or cookies will be packed in this type of box. Available in a wide range of sizes, white cardboard boxes are highly customizable, and you can pack anything from muffins to cakes.

White cardboard cake boxes have increased strength, typically made from high-quality SBS boards. These boxes are perfect for transporting desserts, and they can have either a window or handle.

The best white cardboard boxes should be easy to assemble, food-grade, and affordable. Depending on the dimensions, you can purchase these boxes as a single item or a pack of up to 10 items.

Also, you can customize the boxes to match your requirements. You can have your business logo printed on the box or choose from various printing options. The design of printed boxes is usually done with non-toxic watercolors, so there is no risk of food contamination, and your guests will be impressed. 


How can I transport baked goods? 

The best way to transport or ship bakery products is via cake boxes. They are made from sturdy paper that is lightweight but durable to securely hold cookies or other desserts. When looking for dessert boxes, a helpful tip is to look for high-quality products with a greaseproof lining that prevents a soggy mess. 

What paper pie box size do I need? 

The perfect pie box size is 1” larger than the dessert. For example, the ideal dessert container for a 5” pie is a 6” box. Using a smaller box size may damage the dessert while in transit.

Also, when you search for the perfect paper pie box, keep in mind that the container should be wide enough to fit the pie plate securely. If you are not sure about the plate size, all you need to do is to grab a ruler and measure the plate’s diameter.